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About -DnD-Records

About -DnD-Records

Our Mission

Our mission for the videos is to accomplish as much filming as we can. We will also try to get in videos that other people want to send to us. We really hope to do this because it would be a great thing to have all the videos and films in one place for the people to download and enjoy. So please send in your's and we will definely send ours in. This corp. is not just for -DnD-, we are an open corp. everyone can join . So if you want to be part of us please send an e-mail at: or caontact us at Msn Messenger:

Our History

-DnD-Records corp. was created on thursday 3/11/05 by -DnD-Kamikaze and with the help of -DnD-DenD359, to have one big files of video for people to enjoy.

Thanks for visit our new site and keep sending videos! ;)

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